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About White Agent


Liana Arzumanyan



Liana founded the White Agent Brand in the spring of 2015 in the  Eastern European country of Armenia. Quickly, with strategic partnerships with quality Designers, the White Agent became the go to boutique for beautiful dresses and accessories. With the current success of its brand, White Agent has entered its next phase of franchising. 

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Jennifer Zohrabyan



With encouragement from the HQ in Armenia from Liana, Jennifer decided to embark into the world of all things bridal via a Salt Lake City boutique. Jennifer worked with Liana closely for many years and has a great eye of pairing wedding dresses with the right person. She brings a vast knowledge to the Salt Lake market, and is excited to make new connections and be part of your big day! 

"the white agent"

       An "AGENT" is a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.Therefore, we are your agents that will produce  specified positive effect for your wedding dress. That is our mission and we are dedicated to it. 

      The White Agent group has been the go to house for bridal dresses in Europe and Armenia. With contacts and relationships with specific designers, the house of White Agent has been a successful bridal company. We bring this service now to Salt Lake City! Located in the prestigious Gateway Mall, our bridal boutique is a full service wedding dress and accessories location. 

Wedding dresses for brides unique and flawless appearance, personality and emphasize its uniqueness, luxury and elegance. A good dress conveys a great mood, inspires a sense of perfection and every brides make the fairy queen and a wonderful celebration. Today there are many shops, as well as individual tailor-designers who can realize your dreams incredible. If you are confused and have trouble choosing the advice of experienced professionals will help you find the best option. Following the wedding dresses for the modern fashion tendencies, as well as providing a creative approach, we are confident in our guide. your life is the most perfect dress.

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